Saturday, 22 October 2011

Running horrible.

Well in some ways I'm glad I have gone right down to playing these stupid penny games because if I was playing the stakes I usually do I dread to think how much I would have lost the last few days. I have played several sessions and it's been so sick. I busted out of several tournaments on the bubble. One with AA against KK and 99. All in three way preflop. Only Kings have me covered and he rivers a king. I had two bottom set over top set in the cash games. Another tournament I bust out calling a morron shoving all in on the flop for something like 10k into a 3k pot with QQ I call with KJ on K104 board, straight away the turn is a queen. By this point I'm expecting that sort of shit to happen. Then this runner runner happened the other day which frankly is about as bad of a bad beat as you can get.

Bankroll = $3.49

Monday, 10 October 2011

Played in the first cash games

Since the last post I've played in several more freerolls, cashed in a few and didn't in others. The good thing about playing in free rolls is theres nothing at stake so anything you make is pure profit. Of course the problem with them is that they can be a waste of time and you're never really going to make much. However in sticking with the challenge I'm determined to grind it out.

I went deep in one I was playing a few days ago ended up coming 31st out of 1761 players. The good thing is that only took two hours the bad thing is I made a dollar where as first place was $60. That's an issue I've always had with multi table tournaments, the structure is far too top heavy. Anyway I took a few days off after that then played again tonight and by that point I had a bankroll of about $6 so I decided to take a gamble and sat down at my first NL cash games for this challenge which were the smallest available on pokerstars - 0.01/0.02. Sat down with $1.80 which was about 30% of my bankroll. This was one of those risks I just have to take to move up relatively quickly. Ended up leaving the table an hour and a half later with $6.94 for just over $5 profit on that table and almost doubling my complete bankroll. After losing in a couple of small stakes tournaments and a few more freerolls my bankroll is now at $9.18 which is actually pretty good going. I have no doubt I can beat the lowest limits I've been playing this game for ten years after all but it is helping me manage my time better as I don't feel the need to play every day including 24 hour sessions like it was before when I was playing with a bankroll. 

Bankroll = $9.18

Monday, 3 October 2011

A massive $1.50 in profit!

Played in a couple more freerolls last night and a few more today. Cashed for the first time for a huge $1.20 then bought in to a $0.55 MTT which I didn't cash in almost cutting my bank roll in half. Played in several more free rolls and cashed in a few of them so now I have $1.50 in my account after playing for seven hours. There is a part of me that thinks it would make it a lot easier to just deposit $50 and start from there but I guess that would defeat the whole the point of the challenge. I just hope I don't spend the next 6 months playing to make $10. Anyway I thought I would take a screen shot of my first possitive balance in the challenge. Lets hope the direction is all up from here. I only have 330 FPP left. Not sure what I will do if I run out of them and the cash, then this will then take years.

Bankroll = $1.50

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My first time playing the freerolls.

So if you've read the about this blog page you will know that I am fed up with being a break even poker player and feel like I need to do something to advance my game so I'm going back to the start. The start which I have never played before. The freerolls.

When I started playing poker online the smallest limits were 1/2NL and I've never really broken out of playing those stakes in the last 10 years. I've gone up and down, and played in the multi table tournaments but feel like my game hasn't progessed beyond the way I was playing ten years ago. So after losing the what I had left in my pokerstars account again last month I've decided to go back to basics and start with nothing. Absolutly zero. This way I can't lose any more of my cash and can focus on my game rather than the money.

I will recount in this blog my success or failure. So to start off with I played two free rolls earlier on, the first I bust out in the first round running into a set with my top pair and the second one was a $1000 freeroll with the top 500 getting paid out of 3000 odd players. I came 512th shoving in with A4 o/s in the SB preflop after the button raised with 99.

I guess I'm not starting this challenge with strictly zero because I have a FPP balance of 440 on pokerstars. For those of you who don't know pokerstars offer a reward system where you earn points depending on how much rake they take. 440 is not a lot. Lets put it this way the only thing I can buy in the store with it is a window sticker or a car air freshener. So hopefully it will be enough to get my bankroll started. Although if it goes the way my first two freerolls went this blog won't be lasting very long.

Current bank roll = $0.00